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Free photos of ThermometerTemperature is a variant that directly affects an endless number of elements, such as the drink or food we eat, or even our health. Therefore, a precise determination (heat or cold measurement) is an important factor in many industries, or some branches of science, but also in the daily life of any of us.

For this, we need a special instrument, a thermometer. Several alternatives exist around this meter depending on what you want to measure. They can have a built-in probe or an interchangeable probe. Depending on the application that we want to give it, it can be portable or wall-mounted. Throughout this post, we will be analyzing some of them.

Temperature is very important both for food manufacturers and for all of us who cook at home. Whether it’s for barbecues or waiting for the water to boil, the temperature is important when preparing many meals as it can affect the quality, flavor, and freshness of the food. If not controlled, an inadequate food temperature could pose serious risks to our health.

In wine and beer making, for example, temperature plays an important role in the quality of the final product. Ambient temperature could have a positive or negative effect during the winemaking process, as well as the temperature at which fermentation occurs.

In milk pasteurization, the temperature is crucial to ensure the elimination of harmful pathogens, such as Listeria, Salmonella, and Escherichia (whose genus includes the commonly known bacterium, E. coli).

In agricultural applications, greenhouses, or any crop that we have in our garden or house, the climate and, therefore, the temperature, can be the difference between life and death for plants, food, and other cultivated products. If a greenhouse produces too much heat, plants can become stressed or even die.

Galinstan Thermometer

Free White and Yellow Thermometers Stock PhotoThe alternative to mercury is a mixture of gallium, indium, and tin called galinstan. It is commonly referred to as a gallium thermometer. This mixture is liquid at room temperature, is not toxic or polluting, and behaves similarly to mercury with temperature.

With gallium or galinstanthermometers you can measure the temperature in the rectum, mouth, and armpit. They are very reliable but have the drawback that the measurement time is longer than with other devices (4 – 5 minutes). Another problem that often occurs is that it is difficult to lower the galinstan to the starting position.

Infrared Thermometer

They detect body heat as infrared energy. They can be by ear or from the front. Some can be used at both points.

The measurements can be affected by the ambient temperature, so it is recommended that the thermometer is in the room where the temperature is going to be taken for about 20 minutes before measuring so that it can warm up.